Contraceptive Pill Treatments

Commonly referred to as ‘The Pill’, contraceptive methods protect against pregnancy. If you use contraception correctly, you can have sex without worrying about getting pregnant or getting someone pregnant. Most methods of contraception won’t protect you against catching or passing on a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Condoms are the only method that can protect against both STIs and pregnancy.

These small pills contain synthetic versions of the reproductive hormones, oestrogen and progestogen, in various doses so that there is sure to be a contraceptive pill that suits your body best.

The service is for women who are already taking a particular pill prescribed by their GP, and need a continuation supply. It is however important to get your regular supply from your own GP, as you need to have a blood pressure check annually when using the contraception pill.

Pills available include Cerazette, Yasmin, Microgynon and Rigevidon.

All prices shown on our website include the price for private prescription required to dispense this medication which will be issued by one of our UK GMC registered doctor. Medication is dispensed via our fully regulated and registered UK registered pharmacy in plain & discreet packaging to ensure privacy. To read more about this condition, it’s symptoms and treatment, please read the NHS choices information page.

Available Treatments