Co-codamol Tablets


• Contains paracetamol and codeine
• Can cause addiction
• Short term use only


Co-codamol (cocodamol) is a medication painkiller that is made up of two active ingredients – codeine and paracetamol. Co-codamol is utilized to treat those who are experiencing above-moderate to extreme aches and pains that are left untreated by regular painkillers such as ibuprofen, aspirin, or paracetamol.


How does co-codamol work?

Co-codamol has a dual mechanism of action. Paracetamol is thought to block chemical pathways to the brain which signal pain, while codeine works on pain receptors to block pain signalling to the rest of the body.

How long does it take for co-codamol to work?

You should notice pain relief around 1 hour after taking co-codamol.

Is co-codamol addictive?

Yes. As co-codamol contains the opioid codeine, it can be addictive if taken for long periods of time, or if abused. You should take this medication as directed by your doctor or pharmacist, and read the information leaflet on use.

Can I drink alcohol with co-codamol?

If you drink when taking any opioid medication including codeine, you are at risk of increasing the effects of drowsiness on the body. Otherwise, it should be okay to drink when taking co-codamol if you are not affected by the side-effect of drowsiness.

Can I drive when taking co-codamol?

You should wait to see how the medication affects you before driving or operating machinery. If you experience drowsiness after taking co-codamol, you should avoid driving.

Side Effects

• Constipation, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain
• Dizziness, lightheadedness, drowsiness or confusion
• Slow heart rate, sweating, low blood pressure, palpitations
• Difficulty passing urine, difficulty breathing

These are a few of the side effects that may occur if you suffer from these more than a few days or any other side effect whilst on the tablets contact your doctor for further advice.


Adults and children over 18 years old; take one to two tablets up to four times a day, maximum of eight tablets in divided doses over a 24hr period.

Children 16-18 years old: take: one to two tablets every 6hours, maximum of eight tablets in the 24hr period.

Children 12-15 years old: take one tablet every 6hours when necessary to a maximum of four tablets in 24hrs.

Do not take along with any other paracetamol or paracetamol-containing product as this product contains paracetamol.

Do not take more than four times in 24hrs and dose should not be used any more frequently than every 4 hours.


Do not take co-codamol if you are allergic to the active ingredients or other excipients in the product.

Contact your doctor before taking co-codamol if you come under the following categories

• Respiratory depression(shallow breathing)
• COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
• Alcohol dependence
• Liver damage
• Breastfeeding
• Stomach pain
• You are under 18years and have had tonsils or adenoids removed due to obstructive sleep apnoea

Check with patient information leaflet for any other additional warnings.


Each Co-codamol 8/500mg Tablet contains:  500mg of paracetamol and 8mg of codeine phosphate.